Live Broadcast Video - Sports, Conferences, Weddings

Employing up to four independently operated professional cameras, we offer a complete live broadcast solution that rivals any live production anywhere,
including lower thirds, customized motion 3D graphics and transitions, prerecorded video, instant replay, supersourcing (multiple video sources on screen
with custom backgrounds,, audio mixing, and a high definition live internet simultaneous broadcast feed to Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch, with high definition
feeds to video screens or other video sources, to ensure your special event is fully covered. We can switch on location, but we can also forward the on-location
switched feed to a central broadcast location to add still more features. Final video is captured for future viewing on Youtube, etc., or as video file for a living
record of your special event.


Two broadcast technicians, one centrally located, one on-location, includes setup and teardown:

$75.00 per hour
$250.00 per half day
$450.00 per full day

Supply projector and screen: $125.00

Full on-location braodcast crew and one-centrally located broadcast technician:

$145.00 per hour
$450.00 per half day
$775.00 per full day

For other broadcast options, please contact us for a custom quotation

Add GST and PST to all above prices. Prices subject to change without notice. Mileage for shoots outside Regina, Saskatchewan is extra.
Please contact us for a quote on any service or option not specified here.