"The star of a popular reality television program and her fellow cast members find themselves
trapped in a sadistic game of torture and survival."

Fear Play is an original horror conception, a visually unique and intelligent psychological thriller that dispenses
with the tired tropes and cheap imitation characteristic of most entries in the genre. The picture aims to take an
audience on a frightening but captivating journey into the piercing darkness of the human psyche, while holding a
mirror up to the disturbing trend in both popular culture and the broader society towards lauding and glorifying
malignantly narcissistic and psychopathic personas and values.

The drama examines the disturbing cult of personality that surrounds the central protagonist, Cassandra, the
self-serving star of a popular television reality series entitled "Catching Up With Cassie." Her prime cast
members - her husband, a financial executive, her longtime BFF, and her live-in nanny - soon become unwitting
victims in a sadistic game of dehumanization, humiliation, and torture devised by Cassie for ratings and personal
gratification. Having been exhausted and drugged in a lavish party sequence, each oif the cast members soon
awakens to being trapped in a hellish labarynthian basement, masked, manacled or caged in various ways, and
ultimately stripped of all humanity and hope. Stalked and tormented by Cassie's masked minions, and finally
Cassie herself, each of the main characters must survive a test of endurance, perseverance, and fortitude
to escape their separate prisons and confront their presumed colleague-turned-oppressor in an intense and
suspenseful battle of wits and will.

Fear Play is fundamentally a visual expression of the horror of dehumanization and subordination to a
psychopathic figure. Please find attached some storyboard drawings that illustrate the conception of some
key scenes in the project. The attached screenplay describes the plot, scenes, and characters in further detail.

As global horror audiences crave new and original works, and as few horror movies in recent years have aspired
to be either creative or orginal and thus generate much in the way of audience excitement, Fear Play has the
opportunity to begin a new horror anthology that can truly capture the imagination of the demographic that is
the horror movie market. With a Saskatchewan-based team endowed with the experience, creativity, determination,
and intelligence to make this project happen, Fear Play can serve as a feather in the cap of the motion picture
industry in Saskatchewan, and accomplish it all on a very limited budget.



With nearly twenty years of experience in professional video and digital media production in Saskatchewan,
Danny Johnston, working under his production company Fishbowl Video Productions, specializes in commercial
video and post-production on behalf of some of the largest media companies in North America. From
cinematography, to non-linear editing, high end color correction, sound mixing, original graphics design,
and 3D modelling and animation, Johnston has spent his career mastering all aspects of production.

He is at work on his first feature film, Fear Play, a psychological thriller that serves as a comment on the
perils of society's obsession with popular culture.


Since 2007, Virginia Vols has worked as a cinematographer on various commercial video shoots under the
direction of Danny Johnston. Vols also assists in set-up of lighting and sound, and in experienced in post-production
editing. Vols is looking forward to the challenge of working on a feature length film. Born and raised in Prince Albert,
Saskatchewan, Vols has been an invaluable resource to Fishbowl Productions and will co-produce and fulfill duties
as a cinematographer on Fear Play.


Miranda Hanus has a wide and varied writing background gained after graduating from the Indigenous
Communications Arts university program in 2009. Working as a broadcast reporter for two years, Hanus
covered a wide range of stories including the arts scene. For four months in 2012, Hanus was hired as the
Saskatchewan Production Coordinator with Sheatre’s touring production of “Far from the Heart.” She learned
to set up training and travel schedules across the province, while communicating with supervisors, the team
of actors, teachers and counsellors. Hanus still continues to write for publications, most recently Engage
magazine and the SaskCulture quarterly publication. Working on a feature film script, and following it into
production, has provided an amazing opportunity for Hanus to use her creativity, communication,
and problem solving skills.


Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Cheryl Mazil has been in the film industry since 2010. She has quite the acting
range - from a bachelor show contestant to a vampire. In addition to her background acting work in
The Stakelander (2016), Mazil had a role in WolfCop (2014). Mazil wrote, produced and starred in the short film
project, The World’s Worst Dominatrix (2016). Mazil is continually working in the local film community, whether in
modelling, craft services, or as an assistant director.

Her appearance as reality star “Cassie” in Fear Play is Mazil’s first leading role in a feature length picture.


Janice MacGregor got her start as a pageant queen and model. Of Guyanese heritage, she currently serves as
a pageant coach for Canadian and US competitors. Mrs. MacGregor’s most recent title is Ms. Of Canada 2016. Her
former pageant titles include representing Saskatchewan as Miss Petite Saskatchewan 2009, a national finalist in
Miss World Canada 2008, a Top 15 finalist in Miss Canada International 2007, and Miss Saskatchewan 2007.
MacGregor said, “My true passion is acting, but I love getting on stage and putting on a show in pageants.”
She recently appeared in a music video for a local hip-hop artist, Davy Sage, called “Love You Forever”.
MacGregor said she also started a Drama and Music Club at the school at which she volunteers in Tanzania,
where she teaches an English class. “I started the club as a covert way of getting the students to learn
conversational English.”

MacGregor is incredibly enthusiastic about playing the role of The Nanny in Fear Play.


Shelynn Taneal is a hair stylist and knitting entrepreneur. At 26, she looks young but holds her own with a
bubbly, yet go-getting and fearless attitude. Taneal’s acting credits include several Regina Little Theatre
productions - Wilbur in Charlotte's Web; Teenager in Nothing In Common; and performing at the Regina
Fringe Festival, Sky in Murder Party with whatstheword. Taneal is also a vocalist with the band, Grim, who
released their “Monsters” album this past summer. In addition, she recently started her own youtube channel.

From green hair and basic make-up, to everyday feist and glamour, casting Miss Taneal as the BFF in Fear Play was a no-brainer.


Brian Dueck has been acting in prairie productions -on stage and screen - for over 20 years. He has appeared
in many Saskatchewan based film and television productions, including Corner Gas, Prairie Giant, and
WolfCop (2014). Dueck’s experience recognizes the complexity of filming, while maintaining a professional
attitude in whatever role he is performing. Dueck takes full advantage of the Saskatchewan outdoors year-round,
from playing hockey, skiing, and snowboarding, to mountain biking, water-sports, volleyball, and baseball. In
addition to directing and producing plays, Dueck has published poetry, paints murals, and engages in
oil painting and sketching.


Rhonda Donais has extensive professional training and experience in hair and makeup for stage and screen.
Donais is also an impressive performance artist and she has been telling stories and entertaining the young at heart
for over 25 years. She is best known for her goofy, zany clown character “Tulip”. Donais has headlined at children’s
festivals, exhibitions, and fairs, and loves to tell stories about Coyote, Wisakechak, Raven, and many other stories
that keep audiences entertained while they laugh and think. Donais has been working for the Regina Public Schools
for the past eight years.